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As in many (and maybe most) love stories, the “story of us” is simple. I write that as I also acknowledge it has its few complexities as well. For us,  the journey was never a straight line to happily ever after.

We thought our family and friends might like to know a bit of the “how” behind our story.

So, I (Rebekah) thought I would share with you who are interested, the Story of Us. My  grandmother who passed away a few years ago wanted to be a journalist and she rubbed off me. She was undoubtedly the most influential person in my life. I will do my best on this story to honor her!

She and my grandfather, who were both teachers, were a testimony to love: they were married 73 years until the time of my grandmother’s death at age 97. My lovely grandfather, was heartbroken after losing her; he followed her a few years later at age 99. It was “The Notebook” love story in real life.

The first time Chet and I met was probably at a local charity fundraiser over a decade ago….those details are a bit fuzzy.

What is clear is a memory of an event involving Chet, dressed as a member of the Village People. He was performing a dance routine to the song, “YMCA”at a fundraiser one hot August night. I remember I almost fell off the couch laughing at his performance which included an Indian costume with full feather headdress which he almost lost halfway through the performance. I’m sure quite a bit of liquid courage had been consumed prior to the performance which only enhanced the liveliness of the performance, which also included Rick Cambridge, one of our groomsmen.

We never spoke that night, but I can tell you he left quite an impression of a bold, fun-loving guy with a great sense of humor.

We both were in different chapters of our lives at that point, not yet free from the past to connect and have a relationship.  We also both needed to go through some growth in order to be ready for each other.

 A few years later, in the market, I was getting groceries (dressed in workout clothes) and according to Chet, he saw me from across the produce aisle and I made an impression on him.

We circled around each other at several other community activities and events during the next few years but never spoke more than a few words.

It wasn’t until a few more years passed, that we finally actually connected.

Chet was again dressed in costume…..a hot pink tutu for a mud run with his granddaughter.  At that moment, I decided he must be pretty awesome if he was willing to sign up for that. First, for doing the mud run with his granddaughter and second, for being willing to run in a hot pink tutu and knee high pink socks!

Life had been refining us over those years and we both had gone through some “character building” both personally and professionally. Those years had sparked a lot of personal growth for both of us. We had left behind who we had been in the past, moving on to being mentally clearer, internally quieter, and more balanced and loving as people. Life is about figuring out what you don’t want to do or be, I have often said. No longer were we content with the status quo; webiology essay writing both wanted a love that would set our souls on fire. We finally could begin a new chapter together, intentionally clear in heart and mind!

Not surprisingly, God had a plan for us.

During that time, I was working as a hospice RN and Chet would come by our office with lunch. He was there to educate the hospice staff regarding his company’s services, as charming and outgoing as always. Both of us were cautious about a relationship, but Chet’s charisma and persistence won me over and we started going out occasionally for a glass of wine or a beer.

The conversations were highly animated: there was no topic that we didn’t discuss or past event that we didn’t laugh over. Chet’s sense of humor never ceased to amuse me; Chet valued my insights and opinions into topics we discussed, at least most of the time. It was a spark from the very beginning, but not without its challenges with two very stubborn, strong-willed, do-it-yourself kind of people. Both the blessing and the curse from the beginning was that we really didn’t need each other. Eventually, we realized we wanted to share life together based on “want” and not “need” which allowed our friendship to bloom in a completely natural way into love.

There were many highs and a few lows as most people have, but we found ourselves very thankful and aware of the gift we had been given in our love.  We found that we were better people as a couple from depending on, learning from, and loving each other. Time had allowed healing from the past and new beginnings.

From those beginnings, the wisdom gained from making mistakes and living some life allow us to be very grateful and protective of our “us”. Our imperfect, sweet, mature love grew to be the focus and we saw something very special in what we had in each other.

We go forward with the knowledge that love and life every single day is precious and not something to be taken for granted. We are so grateful for our friends and family that have been with us often helping us write chapters in the “Story of Us”, encouraging, teasing, questioning, and approving our love for each other.

In September 2016, on a trip to Italy, the engagement happened!

During a sunset dinner overlooking Italy’s breathtaking Amalfi Coast,  Chet surprised me with a wine label on a bottle of Prosecco that read simply, “Rebekah, Will You Marry Me?”  He had arranged with the help of our good friends, Chris and Jason Lamoreaux,  and the family that owned the restaurant to have the label put on the wine bottle without me suspecting a thing.  After a blessing from the restaurant family’s grandmother in Italian, we celebrated in a cliffside bar that night. We traveled and celebrated for the next 18 days in Italy

As we enter the next chapter of our love story, we want to say thank you: for Life and it’s lessons that shaped us, for our families that gave us such similar upbringings, and our friends who have cheered us on and encouraged us. You have blessed us by being in our lives. Together, we know that our life together is richer because you are in it.

We can’t wait for the next page and chapter of our story: celebrating with you all on 9/29/18. We look forward to seeing you and writing an epic new beginning that night!

With much love,

Rebekah & Chet




SEPTEMBER, 29 2018


Sunset Hills

24000 Waalew Rd

Apple Valley, CA 92307


You’re invited to our wedding celebration!

Please R.S.V.P. by September 1st, 2018 so we can accommodate you.

The gift of your attendance at our wedding celebration is appreciated; please no gifts. We support the following charities and would be honored if you desire to support them as well:  Sunset Hills Children’s Foundation  Alzheimer’s Association (in honor of Chet’s dad and Rebekah’s grandmother)


Alzheimer’s Association
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